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Some facts about us!

Designers Hub is an intuitive idea to bring designers from across the country together.

Designers Hub (DH) a platform for exchange of ideas amongst established and aspiring Designers, Brands and Buyers.

The right platform for designers is hard to come by. There are more aspiring designers in our country than you could count. The fund is the biggest issue for most talented designers. Significant designers go unrecognized with lack of platform and money. Designers Hub is their resort to exhibit their designs to present it to the high class.

Being a designer and making a name in the Fashion industry is not an easy job. Glitz and glam are part of the fashion industry but it is a struggle for aspiring designers to get a noticeable break. DH online store would be the platform that designers are looking for. The right opportunity is hard to come by. Designer Hub is a promising platform for the designers. Showcasing the designs in front of the elites is one thing but to get a continued support from the DH online store is phenomenal. In a rare occasion up and coming designers get a chance to showcase their designs, but to hold on to the name they created for themselves is the hard part.

Fashion keeps evolving for every season and designers evolve with the changing style. DH store will be the designer’s hub to promote their collection. Designers quit worrying about the connections you need to project the collections. DH store will be the biggest fan of the associated designer’s collections and foster it. DH assures the designers our never ending support for all the fashion designers exhibiting their collection in the upcoming DH Fashion Week. DH store is a significant approach to be a pillar for zealous designers.

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